Guide from the scripture ,for a successful Manager

Managemenet is the process of overseeing an entity and can also refer to a formation in a structure or the decission making few in an establishment.

Management function ,also managerial function ,which its process involves . . .


There are many counsels on how to successfully manage an entity ,but let us look at two scriptural guide an inevitable demand for successful management.

Drawing from the HOLY BIBLE we will look at two scriptures from the book of proverb,a manager must have on mind.

One  – Prov -11 vs 14

For lack of guidance a nation falls , but many advisers make victory sure

Collective guidance of trusted masters is a profound step to consistently take, It is time saving,Cost saving and a facilitator for any venturing.


Two- Proverbs 10 vs 4

Lazy hands make a man poor but deligent hands bring wealth.

 Hard work is the foundation of  success and this should be a fact  every manager should paste on his mind  for a good attitude in the face of challenges.


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