U.S .-France Trade


France is the United States’ eighth most important trade partner and the third most important in Europe


The leading export to France at JFK has aircraft and parts, accounting for about half of the value of all exports.Artwork  also a leading export. Also  category that includes vaccines, plasma and blood fractions, all of which flies from Newark. while the second leading export, aircraft and parts, sails on sea. On the import side,


On the import side,  we have  jet engines as the leading inbound shipment from France, accounting for 12 percent of the value of all imports. Most of these engines and engine part fly into the United States rather than sail. France is the United States’ leading source

Another important French import is the liquor , which includes brandy as well as rum, vodka and the like. While the category only includes about 5 percent of all U.S. imports from France, France is The leading U.S Importer  in this category. If you  look at just brandies, France accounts for about 98 percent of the imports into the United States. liquor and wine are the two leading imports followed by perfume and makeup.



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